This project works toward development of a hydrologic monitoring and flood-forecasting system for Fishing Creek in Columbia County, PA, while providing students an opportunity to participate in research and community outreach. The project has two main efforts: short-term community-based creek monitoring of water levels and long-term data collection to allow for the creation of a computer-based flood-forecasting model. Residents in flood-prone areas as well as recreational creek users will be able to monitor the creek through an online interface that displays water levels in the creek as reported by community members. Creation of a robust flood-forecasting model requires detailed rainfall and streamflow data; this project generates that data through the installation of water level instruments on the creek and several rain gages. A website will make data from all these efforts available to community members. Community government partners will integrate this project into the county’s emergency management network to create an enhanced forecasting tool. Students from all levels will participate in these efforts, use the data collected, and learn with hands-on work that also benefits the community.