Global Awareness Society International

Proceedings of the Global Awareness Society International -2008

17th Annual Conference

San Fransisco, CA, USA

May 2008

Table of Contents

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World Police Bands: Globalization through Music

Mark U. Reimer
Christopher Newport University

One Globe, Many Voices, Many Challenges: Revisiting Music Teacher Preparation

Keith Koster
Christopher Newport University

National Schools of Singing and Their Impact on Teaching Vocal Pedagogy and Literature

Rachel Holland
Christopher Newport University

The Scope and History of International Jazz Conferences and Festivals Within Collegiate Jazz Education in America: Possible Influences and Effects on Pedagogy Surrounding the Collapse of the International Association for Jazz Education

Lauren Fowler-Calisto
Christopher Newport University

Tolerance or Acceptance – Ethnic Attitudes in Contemporary Poland: An Analysis of Empirical Studies

Dorota Mihulka
Jagiellonian University

Child Marriages in Nigeria: The Role of Islam

Tonja Khabir
Fisk University

Increasing Production of Ethanol as a Part of Energy Supply in the U.S. and Its Impact on Imported Oil in the 21st Century

Mohamed Dabbagh
Everest University – Brandon

The Art of Global Financing: Outsourcing

Wold Zemedkun
Norfolk State University

Multinational Intercompany Pay Funds Flow Mechanisms Exposure

Wold Zemedkun
Norfolk State University

Motives and Consequences of Fraudulent Financial Reporting

Ibraham M Badawi
St. John's University

Preventive Measures of Corporate Accounting Fraud

Ibraham M Badawi
St. John's University

The Development of Study Abroad Programs in Culturally Difficult Situations

Jefferey Hill
Western New Mexico University

Globalization and Liberties

Sukwinder Bagi
Bloomsburg University

The Economic Development of Africa and the Human Capital Migration to the Advanced Industrial Countries

William Kwame Dadson
Lincoln University

Perception of North Korea by Young Americans: Are They Still an Evil of Axis?

Sang T. Choe
University of Southern Indiana

Chinggis Pride and Tibetan Buddhism unite under the Mongolian Blue Sky

Jay Nathan
St. John's University

Investigating a Motivating Theme for Elementary Mathematics and Statistics Courses

Reza Noubary
Bloomsburg University

Global Implications of Web-Based 3D Virtual Worlds

Curvin Huber
DeSales University