Global Awareness Society International

Proceedings of the Global Awareness Society International - 2011

20th Annual Conference

San Juan, Puerto Rico

May 2011

Table of Contents

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Qualifications Expected of Students Prior to Enrollment in Tertiary Education (A case of Quality vs. Quantity)

Luis Berruecos

Beyond the Caribbean: The Impact of Globalization in an Indian Community in Mexico

Luis Berruecos

Preciosa: The People, History, and Music of Puerto Rico

Dr. Mark U. Reimer

Puerto Rican Art Song and its Stylistic Influences

Dr. Rachel J. Holland

Globalization’s Challenges for the Caribbean: The Case 0f Dominica

Shreekant G. Joag

Cultural Introspection: Findings Of A Pilot Study)

Shreekant G. Joag

Common Mistakes Leaders Make in Emerging Economies

Jay Nathan

Performance Appraisal and Its Significance as a Human Resource Management Tool

Tassew Shiferaw Gizaw

An Explanatory Model of United States Inflation

Manuel G. Russon

The Republic of Kosovo: Surviving, Sustaining, and Succeeding in the Balkan Peninsula

Mergim Cahani

HIV/AIDS and the Military in Sub-Saharan Africa: Control Through Innovative Stress Management Approaches

Ivor Lensworth Livingston
Junior R. Hopwood

The Rising Number of Homeless Students, their Social Condition and its Impact on their Education

Mai Abdul Rahman

Gender and Violence: Some Philosophical Thoughts

Irene Iris Akaab

The Influx of Latin American and Caribbean Choral Music in the New Millennium: Puerto Rico as a Newcomer in the World Stage

Dr. Lauren Fowler-Calisto