Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Current/Ongoing Initiatives

This page displays intiatives that were either initiated during the current year, or are ongoing from previous years. If you are interested in working on an initiative, please contact a person who is listed in the description of that initiative. If you are interested in developing your own green initiative, please contact John Hintz (, Tim Pelton ( or Jeff Brunskill (

2011/2012 Initiatives

Initiative Description
Initiative F-2012-03 QUEST Bicycle Project - QUEST is now offering bicycle rentals. Bicycles can be rented for $50 a semester and the majority of the payment will be returned at the end of the semester. The amount taken out will be put towards bicycle maintenance. Please click on the link listed for more updates and information.
Initiative S-2012-01: BU Procurement Policy - The GCI is working with the purchasing office to develop a policy regarding university purchases. The policy was submitted to the GAC in April 2012 and is currently under review. (Jeff Mandel, Jean Downing, Jeff Brunskill, Matt Hess)
Initiative S-2012-03: Outdoor Recycling Bins: Facilities Management is working with the GCI to study the potential costs for outdoor recycling bins on the campus quad.
Initiative S-2012-04: Recycling Guide Sheet: The GCI is working with the BU library to develop a webpage and pamphlet that will review local recycling options and guidelines.
Initiative S-2012-05: Green Roof: The GCI is supporting an effort by Facilities Management to build a green roof on a future addition to a campus dormitory.
Initiative F-2011-02: BU Energy Conservation Policy - The GCI is working to develop a PRP proposal regarding energy usage at BU. The policy was submitted to the GAC in April 2012 and is currently under review. (John Holtzman, Claire Lawrence)
Initative F-2011-03: Agricultural/Sustainability Project: The GCI is working to develop student-centered projects that build upon the BU farmers market. The current goal is to develop ideas that align with the objectives of the Northeast Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program. (Don Hess, Anna Reeves, John Hintz)
Initiative F-2011-06: Hartline Classroom Recycling Project: The GCI is working with facilities management to study the potential impact of bottle/can recycling bins in the classrooms in Hartline. A preliminary assessment of the classrooms was conducted in September 2011. Update: The bins will be placed in the Hartline classrooms in May 2012. (Vince Diloretto)
Initiative S-2011-01: Ben Franklin Solar Demonstration Kiosk: A ~3.3-kW solar array was built on the south side of Ben Franklin Hall in December 2011. Over the next two years, students, faculty and staff from multiple departments will work to develop an educational kiosk on the north side of Ben Franklin Hall to compliment the array. (Nathaniel Greene, Jeff Brunskill, Curt Jones)