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General Information

  • First General Meeting is November 11th at 9:00 Location: McCormick 2316
  • T-shirts are on sale Now until November 5th. We will be outside the main office in Navy from 9-3 Friday, Monday, and Tuesday
  • Special Olympics: To make it easier for all of us, we will have sign up sheets at each meeting and in the showcase for you to sign up on. Please let us know if you have a car so that we can provide enough transportation for everyone. If you did not get to sign up on the sheet but want to go, you can also email

Something that has changed for this semester is the number of hours needed to be a member of SCEC, instead of 5 total hours, we have changed it to 7 hours volunteer hours. FIVE of the hours MUST be with someone that has exceptionalities and they must be though SCEC. We will have plenty of opportunities throughout the semester for you to meet this new quota. Also, if you plan on earning hours outside of SCEC you must get it approved by a board member before hand.

National CEC Membership: If you would like to become a national member of CEC, now is the best time to sing up. It does cost $71 to become a member. Here is the link to sign up: our chapter number is 0370.

Upcoming Events


Events coming up this semester…keep the dates open!


Special Olympics Floor Hockey: Starts November 12th



If you did not get your certificate yet they are in the showcase in Navy Hall. If yours is not in there and you handed a volunteer sheet, please let us know!! .

Remember: If you attend Special Olympics and you would like your hours to be counted, you MUST sign in with a board member.


Have any suggestions or want something posted on the website? Email me!!
Kathleen Steinberg







This page was last updated: 10/31/2013


Our Officers for Fall 2013 - Spring 2014:

President: Eileen Dykan
Vice President: Kate Schaefer
Treasurer: Mary-Kate O'Connell
Treasurer Elect: Barbara Dressler
Secretary: Brittany Lent
Fundraiser: Stephanie Winters
Service Chair: Kristin Collins
Program Chair: Becky Stitt
 Graduate Chair: Katie Roddy
Website Coordinator: Kathleen Steinberg
Website Elect: Page Herto
Historian: Ashley Wallace
Special OIympics Coordinator: Beth Brown
Conference Liaison: Deanna Cucuzza