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Fundraiser's Right Around the Corner


Hey everyone, just a quick reminder that our fundraiser is coming up this weekend. We still need volunteers for this event to be a success. We need at least fifteen volunteers, and there are plenty of things for people to do. We need greeters, seaters, pancake servers, beverage servers, bussers, and someone to sell more candy bars on the side. Please let McConnel, Aaron, or Lamar know if you plan on helping, and haven't informed them yet.

If you are already helping, or plan to remember to wear your jersey, and jeans are fine. Remember the event starts early this Sunday so make sure you arrive at Applebees at 7.30am. If you have any left, please keep selling your tickets.




Just wanted to remind everyone to sign up for our teams fundraiser flap jack event on Facebook. The event isn't until Sunday, March 13th from 8.00am to 10.00am. Tickets for the event will cost $5.00 and will help fund our trips to tournaments. Tickets should now be on sale, but check out Facebook for more information or contact Lamar or Aaron. Keep checking the website for reminders about the event as the date get closer. Also, check yourself out on the Roster page. Please email me or message me on Facebook if you would like your information updated.


Lock Haven Tournament Weekend


Tomorrow is the first day of the Lock Haven tournament. Remember we will be leaving from Carver Hall at 7:00am, so at the latest, be there by 6:55am. Remember to dress for the weather, there is a chance of rain, and it will probably be cold. We will also be handing out the jerseys tomorrow before the first game. Don't forget about movie night tonight at Monty's. We are watching Remember the Titans at 8:30pm.

Return of the Website and Kutztown Tournament


Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that the website is back up, and will hopefully be updated more frequently throughout the remainder of the year. So, just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the tournament at Kutztown University. We are meeting in front of Carver Hall at 6:00am and will be leaving, with or without you, at 6:15am. See you all tomorrow bright and early.

Election Results for 09-10 Year


First I would like to say that this year of ultimate has been great. Each new batch of teammates never cease to amaze me and continually raise my expectation for the coming year. We have so much talent and passion on the team that we could bring a tear to my eye.

So anyway, without any further a-do, I would like to congradulate next year's captain of the frisbee team, Lamar Seger! We look forward to seeing a successful and fun year ahead of us.

I would now like to congradulate our new club president for next year, Aaron Smerling! We are glad to have an experienced and devoted member of our team take this position and look forward to the great things to come. Congradulations to both of you, I wish everyone a fun, ultimate-filled summer break and I can't wait to see you all next year. This is Robert Rathgeber, retired captain, signing off.

-Capt'n Bob

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Last Updated: March, 2011