Features for Educators

The Bloomsburg Weather Viewer features many useful functions and educational lessons to help educators more effectively use locally derived weather data in the classroom. Some of these functions/lessons include:

Investigate Past Weather Events

The weather viewer allows users to continually collect and store imagery from multiple webcams and online weather sites (e.g. radar and sitellite), as well as observation data from different local weather stations. Users may then search the database to investigate how observable weather conditions changed over time and across space.

View Synchronized Data

The weather viewer interface allows users to synchronize the display of timelapse movies created from webcam imagery and online map imagery with observation data collected from a local weather stations. The design allows users to study how observable changes in local weather conditions relate to large-scale weather patterns.

Bookmarks and Events

The weather viewer allows users to tag interesting images (e.g., clouds) or events (e.g., cold front passage) in the database for easy search access. This functionality allows users to quickly access interesting weather events to compare and contrast events over time and space.

Daily Diaries and Notes

The weather viewer daily diary functionality allows users to store personal notes about each day's weather. It allows instructors to create daily weather notes that are visible to students. And, it has a daily diary lesson that may be used to structure the discussion of recent weather in the classroom.

Weather Forecasting Exercise

We recently started to integrate the functionality of the Iowa State Dynamic Weather Forecaster (DWF) into the weather viewer program. The DWF is designed to allow introductory meteorology students to forecast daily changes in local weather conditions. More information on the DWF can be found by clicking here.

Manage Individual Classes

The weather viewer allows instructors to create courses, add students to the courses, and manage grades for certain lessons through the program client.

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