Weather Viewer Change Log

  • Spring 2012
    • Changed charting software from WeatherChart2D to JFreeChart
    • Changed movie format from QuickTime to VLC format.(.mov -> .avi)
    • Created a preview tab that allows instructors to view content from a student user's viewpoint
    • Cleaned code to improve program load times from off campus
  • Spring/Summer 2013
    • Initiated broad effort to streamline the code, address minor errors, and improve GUI design/consistency
    • Streamlined database connections to improve data download speeds
    • Created lower quality movie type for use off campus (w/ slow internet speeds)
  • Spring 2014
    • Initiated the design/development of the Iowa State Dynamic Weather Forecaster (DWF) lesson in the weather viewer program
    • Developed and distributed the installer program for the weather viewer client
    • Updated the weather viewer webpage
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