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The Bloomsburg Weather Viewer is a weather visualization program that is designed to enhance the educational value of the weather data and webcam imagery collected by K-12 schools and colleges for earth science courses. The program consists of a data collection system and a graphical user interface (Click to View Program Schematic). The data collection system acquires and stores observations from a school’s weather station. It also acquires imagery from a school’s weather webcam and internet weather sites (e.g., radar and satellite) and stores the images as time-lapse videos. The data collection system communicates with a user interface that can be loaded onto a Windows PC (minimum Windows 7, 64-bit installation). The program enables users to search the data collection system for past weather and view the data streams in a synchronous manner. In addition, the program includes several additional resources (e.g., a daily weather diary) to support the analysis of the data streams.

The development of the BU Weather Viewer began in 2007 as a class project in a senior-level computer science course held each spring at Bloomsburg University. Since 2007, seventy computer science students have helped design and code the program under the direction of Curt Jones (Department of Computer Science) and Jeff Brunskill (Department of Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences [EGGS]). In addition, Brian Bankes (, a former BU graduate and professional programmer is refactoring the code for correctness and efficiency as well as developing new program features.

Bloomsburg Weather Viewer

Bloomsburg Weather Viewer
Most Recent Version: 1.2

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