[DATA] Lab's goal is to provide technology help to small businesses and organizations in the local area. We strive to provide groups in need of potentially costly technology services a much cheaper alternative.

Below is a list of [DATA] Lab's past/current projects. To get in touch with us about a new project, please visit the Contact Us page.


The MechNet Prototype project scope includes the development of the user registration and product creation functions. The prototype allows both mechanics and tool manufacturers to create an account and enter information about themselves and their products. It also allows tool manufacturers to upload ToolKits and other informational documents about their products. This prototype also includes ToolKit-to-product connection and searching functionalities.

  • Mech-Net Web Application Site
  • Mechanic Registration Interface
  • Tool Manufacturer Registration Interface
  • Product Creation Interface
  • Toolkit Creation Interface


BAASANA is an interdisciplinary, not for profit, professional association of business, sciences and technology. It seeks dissemination of advanced knowledge and skills among scholars and practitioners of business and applied sciences toward resolving issues and problems of 21st century. Data Lab redesigned the website from an outdated version to make it easier to use, have more functionality, and be responsive for mobile device users. The new website allows for the organization's leadership to easily make updates to the content.

  • Developed and installed custom WordPress theme
  • Added functionality to easily view organization documents
  • Delivered and deployed website


Agape is a faith-based non-profit charity organization that serves the local community. This organization led the relief efforts during the 2011 Tropical Storm Lee floods that left many Bloomsburg, PA families homeless. The organization now provides free support to those in need in the form of food, clothing, furniture, several financial and transportation assistance programs, and countless other initiatives.

  • Installed and configured workstations
  • Repaired and migrated print server
  • Developed and deployed ASP.NET inventory management system


Columbia County Bread specializes in locally grown organic grains and believe that baking healthy products shouldn't mean compromising taste.

  • Built on Shopify E-Commerce System
  • Products and order System
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Custom Add-ins
  • Data Migration


The Agape Website project involved the design and development of a website for a local non-profit. Agape works to provide many different types of assistance to those in need. The website allows people to find out more about the organization and also allows people to help get involved or request assistance.

  • Designed website layout
  • Developed and delivered website


For the URSCA program at Bloomsburg University, the members of [DATA] Lab developed a multi-agent electronic healthcare record (EHR) integration system in Java using the JADE framework. The EHR Integration System restructures data using ontology-based integration methods. It also anonymizees data to protect patient identities and ensure HIPAA compliance. The goal of the project was to create a system that could produce a valuable pool of freely-available information for data mining while staying HIPAA-compliant.

  • Researched FIPA agent specifications
  • Researched agent programming paradigm
  • Studied HIPAA regulations: the Privacy Rule
  • Tested Intra-platform agent communication
  • Performed Base64 encoding on various data structures
  • Passed serialized objects between agents
  • Developed a multi-agent system in the JADE framework

AGAPE Label Printing

We developed label printing software for Agape's inventory management system. This software uses an open source barcode generation library. First, the software generates a barcode based on the selected inventory item. Once the item is selected, the barcode gets printed out onto labels through an Intermec printer. Future versions of this software will include a scanning option as well as the ability to subtract items from inventory.

  • Custom Progamming
  • Custom Label Settings
  • Developed Technical Training Manual

Spices Inc.

Spices Inc. is an online spices store where you'll find high quality spices that are ground fresh daily and seasonings that are hand blended in small batches.

  • Custom Progamming
  • Custom Slider
  • Database Stored Procedures
  • 3rd Party Add-ins

Fishing Creek Watershed

The Fishing Creek Watershed project is focused on collecting river stage data from the local Fishing Creek. This project was inspired by the disastrous floods that were caused by Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. The data collected from the river stages can help researchers identify trends in the Fishing Creek river stage and to potentially predict future floods.

  • Designed organization website
  • Developed ASP.NET creek stage data entry form that:
    • Records creek stage to a local database
    • Sends SMS to record data at the Univeristy of Buffalo

Weather Stations

The Weather Station project began as an extension of the Fishing Creek Hydro Watch project. The project is still in development but we hope to implement eight to ten weather stations and use them for data analysis. These weather stations will be placed at local schools and will transmit data that we will store and use at a later date.

  • Set up weather stations
  • Aggregate weather data from stations
  • Store data for further analysis

Centre for Health and Wellness

The Centre for Health and Wellness has been serving their local community for over 20 years, providing individualized health-nurturing services, ranging from therapeutic massage and yoga, to energy work and hypnosis, and much more.

  • Created a Social Media Page on Facebook
  • Added Content and Media to the Page
  • Page Moderation