Global Awareness Society International

Proceedings of the Global Awareness Society International - 2015

24th Annual Conference

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

May 2015

Table of Contents

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An Assessment of Institutional Arrangements of Ghana’s Decentralization System

Kingsley Agomor

Samuel Adams

Joe Taabazuing

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA)

An Assessment of Institutional Arrangements of Ghana’s Decentralization System

Kingsley Agomor

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA)

Identity and Locality: Developing a Community Board Game - Research Seminar Report

Zsuzsanna Agora

University of Pécs, Hungary

Family Expectations, Self-Esteem, and Academic Achievement among African American College Students

Mia Bonner
Millersville University

Curbing the Effects of Globalization by Converging Restorative Justice Theory and the Ancient Wisdom of the Indigenous People of Ecuador

Charito Calvachi-Mateyko

Latino Initiative on Restorative Justice, Inc.

Globalization: Does "Learning from Life Experiences" Mean Similarly for U.S. and Chinese College Students?

Xiaojun Chen
St. John’s University

Ming-hui Li
St. John's University

Selected Thoughts on Creating a Culture of Well-being: An Often Neglected Dimension on the College Campus

Jennifer Eichner MA, CCWC

Eudemonia Consulting LLC

Assessing the Difficulty of Workforce Diversification: The Case of State Fish and Wildlife Agencies in the Southeast

Tamara Jackson, Ph.D.
Director of Compliance and Outreach MDWFP

Ester Stokes, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor, Jackson State University

Market Driven Strategic Planning

Shreekant G. Joag
St. John’s University, New York, NY

Ester Stokes, Ph.D., Visiting Professor, Jackson State University

East versus West: The Relationships among Life Experiences-Learning, Trait Resilience, Self-efficacy, and Sense of Coherence

Ming-hui Li
St. John's University

Xiaojun Chen
St. John’s University

The Global Economy of Switzerland: The Effect on the European Union and the World

Kevin Lubin
Financial Economics Major
Millersville University Class of 2016

The Impact of Decline in Oil Prices on the Middle Eastern Countries

Dr. Shah Mehrabi
Professor of Economics
Montgomery College
Senior Economic Consultant and Member of the Supreme Council of the Central Bank of Afghanistan

India’s Uneven Development: Management Challenges for the 21st Century

Jay Nathan, PhD
The Peter J. Tobin College of Business

Financial Globalization, Exchange Rate Stability and Macroeconomic Variables in Nigeria: “A Structural Impact”

Anuli Regina Ogbuagu
Department of Economics and Development Studies
Federal University
Ndufu -Alike Ikwo, Ebonyi State

Dennis Brown Ewubare
Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics/ Ext
Rivers State University of Science and Technology
Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The Triangular Trade Structure of the East Asian Production Network

Sang-Yong Oh
Department of Economics
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

People Trapped in Economic Disparity Are Usually Selected for Enhanced Scrutiny

Dr. Faith M. Pereira
Professor Emeritus
Management & Marketing
Dowling College

Humanitarianism in the Security Challenged States in Asia: A Lesson for Transformational Inter-State Relations and People to People Understanding

Geraldo S. Petilla
National Research Council of the Philippines
Department of Science and Technology

Providing Life-Changing Experiences: Short-Term Study Abroad and Students’ Social and Emotional Growth

Dr. Mykola Polyuha
Department of Languages and Cultures
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

What Was the Secret of Hegedüs? The Coping Strategy of a Hungarian Financial Minister in the Interwar Period

Virag Rab
University of Pécs

Dual Communication and Absence of Dialogue: Studies on the „Student Network” in Hungary between 2012-2013

Bálint Takács
University of Pécs, Hungary

Applying Colin Powell’s and Abraham Lincoln’s Theories on Leadership to Africa’s State of Affairs: Some Pointers for African Leaders

Professor E. Ike Udogu
Dept. of Government & Justice Studies
Appalachian State University
Boone, North Carolina, USA

Agribusiness Concerns in large Scale Processing and Marketing of Melon in South-Eastern, Nigeria

Department of Vocational Teacher Education
University of Nigeria, Nsukka

< p>OKEKE, A. U. Ph.D
Department of Vocational Education
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.