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Communications Honors Society
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Thanks to all those who helped with our Spring Service Project - Ronald McDonald House

New Exec Board for Fall 2011:

President - Erin Murphy
Vice President - Hannah Long
Treasurer - Holly Baruch
PR Coordinator - Rebecca Howells
Secretary - Nikayla Loy

Our Spring 2010 Speaker's Forum about bullying was held Tue 4/5 in McCormick. Thank you to all who attended!!



Logos refers to any attempt to appeal to the intellect, and it is the general meaning of a "logical argument." Academic arguments rely on logos. Logical connections of reasoning are needed to support all positions.

Pathos is associated with emotion, such as appealing to an audience's sympathies and imagination. One common way to convey a pathetic appeal is through a narrative or a story that communicates an abstract lesson or meaning through a concrete experience. Values, beliefs and understandings of the arguer are implied and communicated to the audience through the story.

Ethos, or the ethical appeal of the argument, represents credibility. The person delivering the argument must be trustworthy and respected as an expert who has knowledge about the issue in contention. This person must impress upon the audience his position of authority and integrity.

By Mike Virgintino